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With no shelter facilities, we often must rely on people to open their homes. We currently have several animals in foster care waiting to be adopted.
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Seniors for Seniors
Seniors for Seniors is a program that matches senior people wanting companionship with an adult or senior pet who needs a home.
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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Become A Foster Parent

With no shelter facility, and our own acres brimming with animals, we depend on foster families to make it possible for us to continue to save lives of animals in need of new homes.

Thanks to the generous donations of our community and selfless dedication of area veterinarians we are able to provide medical care, food and supplies for foster animals.

Sometimes even a week or two is enough time to make the difference between life and death for an adoptable animal. When Animal Control runs out of space, those who are out of time on Death Row are sometimes given one last chance with a call to Maranatha Farm.

Fostering is ideal for retired people who enjoy traveling and do not want to have the full-time commitment of a pet, military families who are only in an area for 2-3 years, and young people wanting to gain experience having a pet on their own.

If you would like to participate in this work and have room for one or more animals even on a temporary basis, please contact us and let us match you up with an animal in desperate need of help.

Animals needing foster care include older dogs already housetrained, puppies (usually in pairs for company) with crate included, older cats and momcats with kittens. We provide 24-hour phone support and will immediately come after any animal that presents a problem.

We also receive orphaned puppies and kittens needing very special foster care. “Bottle babies” are one of the greatest challenges of animal rescue, and the most rewarding. These babies become especially loving adults and are the most adoptable pets we place. The hardest part of raising bottle babies, is giving them up for adoption. We always allow the foster to choose the adopters, and encourage them to stay in touch.