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Foster A Pet Today!
With no shelter facilities, we often must rely on people to open their homes. We currently have several animals in foster care waiting to be adopted.
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Seniors for Seniors
Seniors for Seniors is a program that matches senior people wanting companionship with an adult or senior pet who needs a home.
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Saturday, February 17, 2018

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Weekly Open Hours

Fridays and Sundays we are open from 9 am til 5 pm.

GPS Directions: Set GPS for #1 Crabapple Lane, Ridgeland, SC. When you get to Crabapple Lane, turn GPS off and drive straight to end of the road. When you get to the 1,000-ft long privacy fence that looks like Fort Apache, that's us! This is a privately owned road so the mailing address will not come up properly on GPS.

Driving Directions: From Bluffton, take Hwy 278 to I-95 North. Get off at Exit #21 and turn East (Right). Go 1/4 mile to a stop sign (Bees Creek Road.) Turn Left onto Bees Creek Road and go exactly 2.2 miles. Turn Left onto Crabapple Lane. Go to the end of the road and if there's a crowd, park in the field on your Left.

From Beaufort take Hwy 170 to the Callawassie light at BJWSA. Turn Right onto Snake Road and follow it all the way to the end. Turn Right onto Hwy 462 and go about 10 miles. After passing a yellow billboard for Palm Key, take your next Left onto Rice Shire Road. At the stop sign for Bees Creek Road turn Left. At the 45 mph sign turn Right onto Crabapple Lane. Go to the end of the road and if there's a crowd, park in the field on your Left.

Walk to the end of the driveway. The house on your right is our private residence; the Senior dogs, our personal dogs and the free boarding dogs live there. The house on your Left is the "Cathouse" and the public restroom.

There are usually cold drinks and water in an ice chest under the oak in front of our house. Please help yourself and use the trash cans beside the wellhouse.

If you open a gate, please close it securely behind you.

There is no smoking allowed anywhere on Maranatha Farm.

Half-dressed visitors will be offered a very large teeshirt to cover up.

Please wear shoes or boots. This is a farm, not Club Med. You cannot go into the dog yards wearing sandals or flip-flops, and all the fun is in the dog yards.

Date: 02/04/
Time: 1:00 pm
Location: Maranatha Farm